I Can’t Get No…

24thMar. × ’11

Well, it’s nigh under a week until I launch my Melbourne Comedy Festival show
Simon Keck: Can’t Get No
. You can purchase tickets HERE or feel free to visit the Melbourne International Comedy Festival site and read up on my exploits.

It’s been a mad rush to wrap this one up. While I was busy memorising 50+ minutes of material, my lovely little mac decided to commit digital seppuku, so all my scripts and promotional material vanished into the ether.

This of course meant an expensive trip to the nearest apple mac centre in a doomed attempt to recover my lost files. I bet you didn’t know this, but  when you take your laptop in to the Fisherprice technicians in an apple store, Steve Jobs actually comes out and administers the raping himself. He really does. Remember when he appeared emaciated from pancreatic cancer? It wasn’t cancer. He’d just been extra busy raping customers and it took it’s toll.

Seriously though, how great is that poster? The photo was taken by a very talented friend. Like a lot of fashion photographers, her blog is filled with models putting various cylindrical objects into their mouths. I have no problem with this.

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