Cheating Life

14thJun. × ’11

The Melbourne Writers Festival seem to be a glutton for silliness, they’ve asked me to once again write my odd little reality mash-up stories for them. Last year’s blog was reviewed by The Enthusiast and they had this to say “pleasingly wicked and anarchic”.

Here’s a quick sample from my first blog post for the MWF.
I called up Travis, a tall black American who dressed like a jazz bassist and perpetually smelt of weed. I had met Travis at a friend’s art exhibition launch. He walked around the gallery with a small roll of red spot stickers and stuck them next to each painting he hated. When I quizzed him on whether he was buying all that art, he simply replied, “If people think they’re already sold, no one will make the mistake of buying this rubbish”.  We later bonded outside the gallery over our mutual hatred for Oprah and a Turkish cigarette that gave me my first head spin in over a decade.

You can read the full story HERE

Also, if you’re in Melbourne and have no plans for June 29th, pop on down to Madame Brussels. I’m hosting a night of comedians telling their best drunken stories. I believe everyone has a great drunken story in them. It should be a brilliant night of schadenfreude. The poster looks pretty boss too.

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