How Tweet it is

4thMay. × ’09

Steve’s desk has been relocated so that he now sits a mere three cubicles away from me. It seems as though every website he browses, has to be distilled into one sentence that he says out loud. At first I thought he was talking to someone, but now I realise, he was born without the gene that stops inner thoughts becoming outer thoughts. I think he may actually be the first analogue twitter.

Here are a few of his choice “analogue tweets” from yesterday.

Swine flu? Ha ha! What’ll those crazy jews think of next?

Type in ‘girl fights’ – ha ha ahaaaaa

Sure Obama’s black, but he’s not black-black, he’s the good black

Peeps? What are peeps? This is gaytown

Imagine if you could get women’s breasts to make a noise when you squeezed them

Whenever I argue with Christians about the existence of God, I use Steve as the bullet fired from Darwin’s gun.


See the new fangled digital Twitter –

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    this is the best blog I have ever seen. i love you.

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