One of those gays

18thMar. × ’09
Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Today I had to attend a two hour seminar on how to treat your fellow worker as an equal. Which is strange because I ignore them all at roughly the same level.
The lawyer who was explaining the Equal Opportunity laws was born without the gene that allows a person to detect humour or sarcasm. She’s the sort of person, that when eating an icecream in summer, doesn’t notice that several flys are walking around their face. She went through all of the usual types of ways people are discriminated against, like age, sex, race and religion. What I found interesting, was that attractiveness wasn’t on the list. I asked her why that was omitted, as it seems completely valid. Her answer was that you can’t really control that, because everyone discriminates based on how good looking someone is.

Que? By her rationale, if we all discriminate equally then it’s A-Ok. After all, maybe that’s what Equal Opportunity is all about.
So after she’d lost my respect entirely, I became horribly bored. Like, “let’s see how far I can take this before I get fired – bored”.

I shot her this question
“Is it still sexual harrassment, if you don’t find the harrassment sexy?”

She told me, yes. Fair enough, time to bring out the A-Grade material.

I asked the question
“Is it true that homosexuals drink human blood?”

She actually answered
“I’m not sure, let me look into that”

Pardon? Look into it? She even got my email so she could send through the info she finds out! I can’t wait to reply with a picture of Elton John photoshopped into a coffin.

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