A Spoon Full of Insults

23rdJun. × ’09

Today I saw a softer side to Steve from sales. Mike was showing us some of the photos from his wedding a few years back. There was a small circle of admirers, the girls in particular, were gushing over Mike’s wife and her slinky white dress. Steve placed his hand on the side of my head, delicately shoving it out of the way and asked what we were looking at. Mike passed him a photo explaining that it was of his wife on their wedding day. Steve observed the photo with a warm smile, before commenting that

She looks stunning, the kind of woman you’d want to make a life with

Two of the girls made an “awww” sound. Steve gave a pensive nod before saying

Yep, I would spoon the balls off that little ho

Then with the satisfaction of a moment well shattered, he jaunted off towards the café, stopping briefly to turn and drop the sage wisdom of

My advice, don’t get her pregnant. She’s got all the signs of a bloater

I feel safe knowing that there are always some constants in life. Beverly Hills Cop II is aired on television every year without fail, and Steve will always be a complete bastard.


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