Yo or No

31stAug. × ’09

Apologies to those of you who thought that DUFL was no more, I was actually on a holiday of sorts and seeing as how I really only update this during my lunch hour – well you get the gist. You can read about my vacation misadventures here.

The worst thing about coming back from a holiday isn’t the jarring spasms of anxiety that accompany your ride up in the morning lift, nor is it the gnawing sensation that perhaps all of those anti-drug propaganda ads were right, and that single joint you inhaled when you were seventeen is somehow responsible for destroying your life. For me, the worst part of the long walk back to beige, is the fact that no one is around to defend you when you’re gone.

Before I had gone for my two week vacation, I crossed paths with Adrian, one of the drones from accounts. I’m not sure if he is intentionally boring or if he gives off a natural pheromone that makes it almost impossible to find him interesting. He need only utter a few sentences before I slide into reactionary nodding, perhaps throwing in a few monosyllabic answers to maintain the illusion of caring.

When he approached me, nearly a fortnight ago, he had asked a simple question about whether some numbers I sent him were correct. He didn’t even say hello, in fact he started his question a good fifteen feet away. I greeted him with a “Yo” waiting for a reciprocated hello or hey. I would have even accepted a “What up homeslice?” But he said nothing. Instead he whipped around, jotting something down on his clipboard. It felt a little odd at the time, but I was just glad he left so that I wouldn’t need a coffee to flesh out my attention span.

I just found I’m responsible for the company losing $23,000 because some tit doesn’t know the difference between “Yo” and “Yes”

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  1. windexglow
    Posted August 31, 2009 at 7:34 PM | Permalink

    Good to see you’re back.

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