13thOct. × ’09

In all of the meetings I have to attend there is one common motif. At some point, one person around the table will begin doodling. It might start out as a series of abstract scrawls, but soon enough the blue biro smudge scrawls find form, becoming recognisable patterns and eventually a stick figure can be seen. That figure then meets another stick person and they multiply into tribes, then those groups wage wars on the blue lined sheets.

It’s the evolution of doodle. The more banal the meeting, the more shading and realistic the drawings are. The best is watching those people who only doodle after someone speaks, you can tell by their hand movements that they’re not writing, they nod their head and go through all the motions of calculated contemplation, but if you look across you’ll still see an inky flower or a stick figure mutilating one of it’s own with a hastily drawn axe.

Unless of course you’re Steve, who is obsessed with drawing three headed stick figures. There are tri-noggin folks on boats, driving cars, and many are wrestling. I’ve noticed him do it a lot, but it was only yesterday I realised that the two extra heads are actually enormous breasts. If a picture says a thousand words, this just says one word a thousand times – pervert.

I feel sorry for Todd, one of the web developers at our work. During this morning’s meeting he flipped open some pages he had stapled together to reveal a doodle of… well, a doodle. There have long been rumours of Todd’s sexual preference. His mouth says straight, but the product in his hair disagrees. So you can imagine that a small doodle of a small doodle will only fuel the rumours.

At this point, I should point out that it wasn’t just an outline, but a fully realised illustration, there was shading and even a drop shadow. Todd did his best impersonation of a tomato and explained that it was a sketch of a bullet. We all remained tight lipped with embarrassment for him, except for Steph. In a matter of fact tone she simply said that bullets didn’t have veins. The lady has a point.


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