Stand and De-Liver

17thNov. × ’09

When I go back to work after a holiday I feel as though I have a form of jetlag. A Funlag if you will. My body is seated in front of the keyboard yet my mind is waiting for my monitor to take my cocktail order. It can get so bad that when I look at my cup of morning coffee, my brain fills in the gap by adding a little umbrella.

My boss on the other hand doesn’t suffer from Funlag. He has returned to the office with a renewed sense of purpose and loads of ideas on how we can ‘actualise’ more as a team. I’m not sure what that means, when he said it the work experience kid nodded like a hostage so I guess it must be good.

I’ve often wondered what my boss actually does, from what I can see his role is comprised of making PowerPoint slides of overlapping circles featuring pictures of smiling men in ties shaking hands with women doing the thumbs up gesture, usually there is one black guy off to one side standing way behind them quietly approving of the thumbs.

This morning my suspicions of were confirmed when my boss had me sit through a meeting where he projected a graph depicting how effective graphs are.

I went to the pub straight after the presentation.
My liver has become the dipstick for my mental health.


Yo, where my tweeps at?! –

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